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Design & manufacture of Wildlife Monitoring & Specialised Surveillance equipment since 1990 - Protecting Australia's most critically endangered wildlife



nest box inspection camera


If it walks, crawls, flies or slithers by day or at night then we probably have a camera system to video record it

We have been designing & manufacturing specialised wildlife video monitoring systems in Australia since 1989. Our systems have been used exclusively for conducting detailed studies of many of Australia's most endangered animals:- . Helmeted Honey eater - Gilbert's Potoroo - Western ground Parrot - Leadbeater's Possum - Banded Stilt

Housed in robust Pelican / ABS weather resistant lockable cases our battery/ solar powered Video Monitoring Systems feature; low power consumption & massive storage capacity. They are ideally suited for long duration wildlife video monitoring application; record for days - weeks - months.. Compact light weight & small enough to carry in a backpack. Fully automated quick to set up & simple to operate.



farm camera

We assemble our own cameras. Day/Night cameras are suitable for most wildlife applications including: close up monitoring of nests, filming inside tree hollows, underground in wombat burrows & dens, in caves, deployed on game trails, dams, feed or bait stations.

Each application is different. We tailor the combination of objective lens, focus adjustment & illuminator intensity to suit your specific field application. Our nest monitoring camera is especially designed for filming bird nests, it is optimised for operation at ranges of 1 ~1.5 meters from the nest, field of view at 1 meter is 80 x 50 cm.

Predator safe - Day/ Night cameras feature an array of 940 nm light emitting diodes which safely illuminates the target area with covert infra red light, invisible to both predators & humans. Conventional cameras have 850 or 880 nm leds; visible to the human eye as a dull red glow, to nocturnal predators it lights up the target species like a spotlight, potentially increasing the risk of night predation. Day/ Night cameras are auto gated, they automatically adjust to varying lighting conditions; in daylight they record in full colour, at night or under low light they automatically switch to enhanced IR black & white night mode. Point & record Day/ Night cameras are fully automated & require no field adjustments.

Day Night Camera

Camera housings are pressure tested & dry nitrogen purged to the same standard we apply to military night vision equipment. A built in heating circuit minimises the formation of condensation on camera lenses when operating in cold damp environments. Cameras are equipped with a 5 meter long power/ video cable with weatherproof connector, longer cables can be ordered. You can view examples of predation & wildlife monitoring here Gallery

Portable Power Supply

Battery system with Solar backup, a handy means of carrying the normally " awkward to transport" battery through the bush. battery pack with solar

This self contained portable power option comprises rugged Pelican case with sturdy mounting bracket, internal battery management circuitry & provision for a 20 AH SLA battery.

Solar panel recharges the internal battery & under full sun is capable of weeks or months of operation. Field portable Pelican case size, 24 x 18 x 10cm weight 6.9 kg with battery, solar panel is 30 x 37 x 3cm thick fitted with heavy duty cabling with military specification connectors.

trail cameras



The SDX-500 is a fourth generation digital video recording system. It is designed specifically for long duration video monitoring applications & has the capacity of recording & storing up to 40 days of full motion video at 25 images per second.

Low power consumption & compact size make this system ideal for remote Wildlife or Habitat Monitoring both day & at night. Employing a high speed data bus this system is compliant with SD Card capacities from 64 GB up to 2 TB. Housed in a tiny Pelican style case 210x170x90mm which is small enough to carry in a back pack, rugged & weather resistant. Power is provided by a single, rechargeable 12 volt SLA type battery of 18 ~ 55 amp hour capacity.

Compact Solar Panels with built in charge circuitry are available in either 10 or 20 watt capacity; with adequate sunlight the system is capable of running indefinitely. Massive storage capacity (up to 40 days) the SDX-500 expands the potential for long duration, detailed behavioral studies of animals in the wild, especially the quantification of animal time budgets, interactions and species assemblages at gathering points. Visits of predators, interactions, hatching, fledging & other short duration events are reliably recorded; events which motion activated type trail cameras often fail to capture. Continuous recording systems are ideal for any field situation where long-term continuous /video recording is required, such as at den sites, prey sites, drinking/feeding sites and animal highway passages.

Helmeted Honey eater - Gilbert's Potoroo - Western ground Parrot - Leadbeater's Possum - Banded Stilt -


Electrical   Day Night Cameras  
voltage range
11 ~ 30 volts
1280 x 720
standby power
20 mA
full colour
recording power
290~310 mA
black & white
solar panel
10~20 watt
  field of view
100x 60 @ 1.5m
battery size
10 ~ 100 Ah
  power day/ night
  night power
Recording Rates   cable lengths
5 -10 - 20 - 25 meters
Hi Def. H264
time lapse
image quality
variable bit rate
Record Duration 265GB
1100 g


HD- EXTREME -Portable Video System

hd extremeComing Soon:- Designed specifically for harsh environments- - MARINE - SNOW - DESERT-

HD-Extreme is fully enclosed in a Pelican case with two external weatherproof connectors for a Day/ Night Camera & 12 volt Battery. HD-Extreme generates its own ad-hoc WiFi network which operates anywhere it does not require a 3G connection. Access the HD-Extreme using your mobile phone or other WiFi device without having to open the Pelican case. This avoids exposing the system's electronics to potentially damaging moisture or contaminants.

Using your phone you can: align the camera while viewing its live video, program record schedules, program a start & stop time for each day, change camera settings & edit other features.

Starts recording when the battery is connected. Optional triggering by remote wireless sensors. GPS option: latitude/ longitude watermarked onto video. Video options: 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 selectable frame rates from 1 to 30 images per second, variable bit rate.

Future options 3G connectivity via local area network, view live video online edit & activate the system remotely over the internet.

Hi Definition Day/ Night Cameras are predator safe, they feature 940nm 100% invisible infra red leds. Cameras are available with cable lengths of 5 - 10 - 15 - 20 or 25 meter length which have mil spec weatherproof connectors.