Dingo & Fox Potoroo & Possum Mammals Rural Surveillance
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Wildlife Video Monitoring Systems-


Digital Video RecordersWe have more than 20 years experience manufacturing fully automated video systems & supplying specialised equipment & services to Australian Military & Enforcement Agencies. Our battery powered Wildlife Monitoring Systems are the preferred choice for long term study of Australia's most critically endangered & other unique species:- Helmeted Honeyeater - Western Ground Parrot - Leadbeater's Possum - Swift Parrot - Gilbert's Potoroo - Banded Stilt

Designed for harsh environments these compact systems are robust, lightweight & simple to use. Low power consumption & large capacity solid state drives allows several months of continuous operation from a single battery with solar panel. We manufacture a range of Day/ Night cameras which provide full colour video during the day & enhanced infra red night vision video at nighttime. Cameras feature military grade IP66 rated connectors & are dry nitrogen purged.


SDX-500 Wildlife Video Recording System



NEW for 2013

The SDX-500 is a fourth generation digital video recording system. It is designed specifically for long duration video monitoring applications & has the capacity of recording & storing up to 40 days of full motion video at 25 images per second.

Low power consumption & compact size make this system ideal for remote Wildlife or Habitat Monitoring both day & at night. Employing a high speed data bus this system is compliant with SD Card capacities from 64 GB up to 2 TB.

Housed in a tiny Pelican style case 210x170x90mm which is small enough to carry in a back pack, rugged & weather resistant. Solar Panels OptionsPower is provided by a single, rechargeable 12 volt SLA type battery of 18 ~ 55 amp hour capacity. Compact Solar Panels with built in charge circuitry are available in either 10 or 20 watt capacity; with adequate sunlight the system is capable of running indefinitely.

Massive storage capacity (up to 40 days) the SDX-500 expands the potential for long duration, detailed behavioral studies of animals in the wild, especially the quantification of animal time budgets, interactions and species assemblages at gathering points.

Visits of predators, interactions, hatching, fledging & other short duration events are reliably recorded; events which motion activated type trail cameras often fail to capture. Continuous recording systems are ideal for any field situation where long-term continuous /video recording is required, such as at den sites, prey sites, drinking/feeding sites and animal highway passages.


Recording Options:



We offer a range of specialised, dual purpose, Day/ Night Cameras available with fixed focus or fully adjustable zoom lenses. Day/Night Cameras record full colour video during daylight, at night time these automated cameras switch to infra red night vision mode. A built in heating circuit minimises the formation of condensation on camera lenses when operating in cold damp environments. We have cameras to suit just about any application, from close up nests to surveillance of targets hundreds of meters distant. If it walks, crawls or flies by day or night we probably have a camera to record it. View sample videos here

The SDX-500 digital video system has many user programmable built in features. Video Motion Detection divides the image scene into 16 small sectors, you to restrict triggering to a specific area within the scene & ignore movement in other areas which may contain naturally moving objects like branches or leaves that may otherwise cause undesirable false triggers. Scheduled Recording lets you to program up to three start & stop times for each day. This handy feature allows the capture of activity at a feed station or watering point; early morning, mid day & late afternoon. Alternatively it can also be used to limit recording to Day Only or at Night Only for nocturnal species.



View & editing the Video Files:

Video files are recorded in avi format which can be viewed & edited with PC or laptop using Windows Media Player & free shareware programs such as VLC Player, Storm or professional video editing software. You can view recorded data in the field using the compact LCD Video Monitor supplied with the system.


Easy to Set Up & Simple to Use:

The SDX-500 is purpose designed to be simple to use. Combined with a fixed lens Day/ Night Camera which require no field adjustment, the complete monitoring system can be field deployed in under 10 minutes.



    SDX-500 Digital Video System Specifications 




    Day- Night Vision Camera (1)
    Operating Voltage
    9 to 30 Volts DC


    Sony Chipset
    Power (standby)
      Mega pixel lens
    3 to 12mm
    Power (recording) with camera
    Field of view
    90° ~ 38°
    Solar Panel Options
    10 or 20 watt
      Night Vision
    Recording Rates   Environmental
    25/ 30fps
      Temperature Range
    -10°C  to + 60°C
    D1-H 264
      Humidity Range
    0 – 75%
    Time Lapse Options
    1-3-4-8-12 fps
      Shock Resistance
    Image Quality Options
    Super-High-Normal or Standard
      Protective case
    Record Duration 256GB   On Screen Information
    Video @ 25 fps
    20 ~ 40 days
      Time & Date
    HMS - DMY
    Image capacity
    92 million images
    Camera I.D.
    Video Storage  
    SD Card -Primary
    64 ~2TB
    or Flash .Drive
    1700 gm
    or HDD/ SSD
    500 GB
    It floats
    File Format
      Video Output
    BNC 1Vp-p
    Viewing Software  
    Windows Media Player
      Video LCD Monitor
    VLC Player (free)
      User Manual - Cabling


Trail Cameras


Trail Cameras:

Trail Camera

Trail Cameras are compact photographic systems which capture images of passing animals & store them to an SD card. These low cost devices were originally designed for deer hunters to place on game trails & at feed stations, allowing them to determine the presence & trophy potential of game animals. Trail Cameras employ a PIR sensor (just like your outside sensor light) to detect animals as they pass in front of the camera, at night the built in array of leds, (light emitting diodes) illuminates out to around 15 meters. Fully self contained power is provided by 8 ~ 12 AA batteries.

Trail cameras have limited single core processing power & battery capacity. They are designed to record, multiple still images or short videos then stop recording while the data is written to the SD card. They are unable to sustain continuous recording & will often fail when run beyond their intended capabilities.

Image quality can be seriously degraded when operating in cold or damp conditions. Overnight condensation often forms on the cold camera lens completely blocking the image rendering the camera useless.

They can be mounted on camera tripods or various types of adjustable bracket, most often they are simply strapped to a tree or fence post. Security accessories include lockable steel boxes & python cables.


Trail cameras have very limited processing power, they were never intended to be used for continuous recording of video or images & when run beyond their capabilities they will often lockup. Run time is limited by the the power available from the AA batteries. They are widely used to document the presence & behaviour of larger animals at feeding points, trap sites & on game trails.