3G Telstra Farm Camera

Keeping watch from around the corner or around the world

farm camera3G-FarmCam is a Motion Activated, rural surveillance camera system that sends photos to multiple mobile phones & emails. Using the phone app, you can access your 3G-FarmCam from around the corner or around the world - command it to take & send you Real View Image NOW & even change your camera's settings remotely. Protects your valuable assets - keeps watch at gates - monitor traffic on access roads - fuel storages - plant & machinery - inside farm buildings: alerting you with photos when suspect activity is detected. Solar powered & fully automated with extremely low running costs from less than 2 cents per photo to email. No additional yearly web portal or service fees.

3G-FarmCam can also be used as a Time Lapse camera sending you photos throughout the day at a preset interval; for example hourly or morning noon night. Schedule operation allows you to specify daily Start & Stop times. A daily Status Report sent from the camera notifies you of :- battery state of charge - SD card usage - photos recorded - photos sent - network signal strength. 3G-FarmCam also saves back up high quality 12 mega pixel photos & optional video to an internal SD card.

NEED HELP SETTING IT UP? We can pre-program your 3G-FarmCam to operate to your requirements & have it send you test photos before we post your order.


WATER & FEED WATCH: hourly photos at - water tanks - troughs - irrigation channels - feeders

GATE WATCH: motion activated photos of vehicles, stock & people at gates & grids

FUEL STORAGE & SHEDS: catch fuel thieves & intruders in the act

FERAL ANIMAL TRAPPING: check in on bait stations & animal traps

BOUNDARIES & NEIGHBOURS: time lapse record suspect activities up to 100+ metres away




3G-FarmCam provides a cost effective alternative to manually checking of water troughs, irrigation channels and bores. Using the mobile phone network 3G-FarmCam sends regular real time photos to your mobile phone - tablet or PC. Substantial savings can be made in time & money from reduced fuel, labour and vehicle expenses. Dept. Agriculture & Food W.A. cost analysis has revealed that the break even point for a $1,000 camera investment is reached when you drive a water run distance of as little as 5 kilometers. The 3G-FarmCam system is portable and can be easily relocated.



Installation is simple requires only a screwdriver & should take less than 10 minutes. The System comprises 4 components: - solar panel - 60 watt battery pack - 3G FarmCamera - Steel mounting box - All cabling, pole mounting brackets & stainless steel retaining clamps are included (you supply the pole of 50~75mm diameter). Plug & Play set up.


High gain YAGI antenna $175 - may improve mobile reception in some rural areas

Solar panel extension 2mt. lead $25 - allows mounting solar panel higher

NO 3G NO WORRIES: Farm Camera can also operate in Stand Alone mode in areas with no mobile coverage. Photos are saved to the camera's SD card only with no phone/ email notifications.




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3G-FarmCam Surveillance KIT- $995.00

assembled in Victoria by Brite Star. Pty. Ltd.

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