4G Telstra Farm-Watch Camera - $995

Keeping Watch from around the corner or around the World


3G Telstra Farm cameraFarm-Watch Camera is a complete Solar powered, motion activated rural surveillance system that sends photos direct to four mobile phones and four email accounts. PROTECT YOUR VALUABLE ASSETS - keep watch at gates - fuel storages - machinery sheds - check dams & trough levels automatically. Farm-Watch Camera can also operate in Time Lapse mode, simple to program remotely using the app, you will receive photos throughout the day at your preferred times. You can even check in remotely and see what is happening at any time by using the "Get Photo Now" option.

Extremely low running costs: the only ongoing expense is a SIM card at around 50 cents a day.

Farm-Watch cameras can also operate in Time Lapse Time Lapse: Images taken at nominated intervals Sensor: Images taken when movement is detected. Select either mode or run both at the same time. mode with user defined settings sent to the camera using the app on your mobile device. Time Lapse will automatically send you photos at your preferred interval, you can also set daily Start and Stop times. A daily Status Report notifies you of important system parameters :- battery state of charge - SD card usage - photos recorded - photos sent - network signal strength. High quality 12 mega pixel photos are backed up to an internal SD card.

NEED HELP SETTING IT UP? We can pre-program your Farm-Watch Camera to meet your specific requirements and send you test photos before we post your order.


WATER & FEED WATCH:- hourly photos at - water tanks - troughs - irrigation channels - feeders

GATE WATCH:- motion activated photos of vehicles, stock & people at gates & grids

FUEL STORAGE & SHEDS:- catch fuel thieves & intruders in the act

FERAL ANIMAL TRAPPING:- check in on bait stations & animal traps

BOUNDARIES & NEIGHBOURS:- time lapse record suspect activities up to 100+ metres away




Farm-Watch provides a cost effective alternative to manually checking of water troughs, irrigation channels and bores. Using the mobile phone network the Farm Watch sends regular real time photos to your mobile phone - tablet or PC. Substantial savings can be made in time & money from reduced fuel, labour and vehicle expenses. Dept. Agriculture & Food W.A. cost analysis has revealed that the break even point for a $1,000 camera investment is reached when you drive a water run distance of as little as 5 kilometers. The system is portable and can be easily relocated.



Installation is simple requires only a screwdriver & should take less than 10 minutes. The System comprises 4 components: - Solar Panel - 60 watt PSU battery pack - 4G Farm-Watch Camera - Steel mounting box - All cabling, pole mounting brackets with stainless steel retaining clamps are included (you supply the pole of 50~75mm diameter). Plug & Play set up. Requires a reliable Telstra 4G or 3G network. Download Farm Watch Camera PC Tools Software


Telstra Farm-Watch Camera system $995


or phone Howard on 04007 55431


Antenna with pole mount kit $175 - may improve mobile reception in some rural areas

Solar panel extension lead $25 - this 2metre extension lead allows for remote mounting the solar panel

NO 4G or 3G! NO WORRIES: Farm Camera can also operate in Stand Alone mode in areas with no mobile coverage. Photos are saved to the camera's SD card only with no phone/ email notifications.

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