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Night Vision Telescope Eyepiece Gen2- $500.00-SOLD OUT


image intensifier telescope eyepiece

Designed to fit into 2" telescope eyepiece ports this device incorporates an 18mm US manufacture image intensifier that amplifies light by >36,000 times. The housing is is 2" diameter x 2.5" long. Focal point is 1" inside the front of the housing; you may need to adjust your telescope to obtain optimal focus. Battery compartment suits CR123A 3 volt lithium battery which should provide in excess of 60 hours run time.

This kit includes Gen2 18mm US manufactured image intensifier with flying leads - aluminium 2" housing with integral battery compartment (hard anodised finish) - threaded front retainer - threaded rear retainer - multi element optical eyepiece - battery cap with extended ON/OFF switch. Assembly requires soldering two wires from the image intensifier to the power leads inside the housing, fitting intensifier & securing with threaded rings. This is sold as a DO IT YOURSELF project however I can assemble it for an extra $50. no warranty or guarantee applies.



Professional Night Vision Telescope Eyepiece from- $1,585.00


swift parrot

The Image Intensified Telescope Module fits in place of your telescopes 2" eyepiece, no tools are required. It can be used for both real time DIRECT VIEWING & NIGHT SKY PHOTOGRAPHY. Available in Grade A & Grade B.


For direct viewing simply slide your preferred 2" eyepiece into the rear of the module adjust for focus & lock in place using the two chrome retaining screws.


Using a hand held compact digital camera or phone camera you can directly photograph the output screen of the image intensifier or alternatively focus through your preferred eyepiece to achieve higher optical magnification.

The Image Intensified Telescope Module comprises a military grade 18mm image intensifier with switched lithium power source in a robust, hard anodized aluminium housing. Overall housing length is 82mm, the main body is 57mm inches diameter x 2 inches long and the front shroud is  2 inches diameter x 1¼ inches long. Internal front filter thread is 48mm X .75 pitch. The first focal plane (telescope focus point) is .6 inches from the front, second focal plane (camera focus point) is 1.5 inches from the rear. Power is provided from a CR123 lithium battery capable of providing >60 hours of continuous use; the battery compartment has a positive action press button ON/ OFF switch. This is sold as a DO IT YOURSELF project however I can assemble it for an extra $50. no warranty or guarantee applies.


Grade B specifications: ONE AVAILABLE


Grade A specifications: SOLD OUT

At the heart of the image Intensified Telescope Module is a high performance military grade image intensifier. This electronic device is sensitive across a broad spectrum, from 400 ~1000 nanometers, detecting incoming photons and using the photo-electric effect to intensify (amplify) an objects brightness up to 70,000 times making dull distant objects bright and normally invisible objects, visible with the human eye. Image intensifiers provide a much brighter image with more visible detail.


NGC 2237 224 rosette

NGC3242 Ghost of Jupiter

Jupiter & saturn







eta carinae


nebula filters


DOWNLOAD_- Astro Filters for Viewing Deep Sky Objects by David W Knisley (adapted by B.A. Clark -2015)



Panoramic bi-ocular eyepiece- $175 - ONE LEFT


I have two of these Bi ocular eyepieces originally manufactured for a long Military Night Vision Observation Device. Rear viewing screen is 80mm wide X 20mm high - front lens 40mm diameter, suitable for use with image intensifiers having 18 ~ 25mm diameter output screens. Integral rubber eye shield is included. Overall size: 150mm long X 60mm high X 140~170mm width. These precision optical devices contain elements that are common to both eyes allowing viewing with both eyes through a single exit pupil.

bi ocular.biocular


MX-10160 Select grade Generation III Inverting Image Intensifiers - $3,750

g3 specgen3


Select Grade - High-gain, High-photosensitivity Image Intensifier tubes for astronomy - passive night vision systems - navigation & scientific devices. Suitable drop in replacement intensifiers for military night vision weapons sights, ANPVS-14 / Mini 14 MUM Monoculars & many commercial night vision systems.


18mm glass input window incorporating High-efficiency (GaAs) extended red photo-cathode a micro-channel plate (MCP) current amplifier; and Inverting fiber optic green phosphor 18mm output screen.

Encapsulated high-voltage power supply incorporates (ABC) automatic brightness control to provide a constant output image brightness as light levels varies & (BSP) bright source protection to against exposure to high levels of light. Three volt operation typical current 18~35mA; external gold plated contacts.  NO EXPORT SALES





These Image Intensified Telescope Modules must be used in dark conditions. Do NOT operate the product in daylight. Avoid operation with high output point sources of illumination in the viewing field such as streetlights, auto head lamps etc. Do not use the system to view the moon at any phase. Avoid viewing bright planets. A bright, high contrast object, viewed in a stationary position for extended periods may cause a permanent blemish on the image intensifier tube. Image Intensified Telescope Module is designed for low brightness astronomical objects such as globular clusters, star fields, galaxies and nebulae. Avoiding bright light sources prolongs the image intensifier tube life. The tube will not be damaged by brief exposure to bright sources such as an aircraft with landing lights illuminated flying across the field of view. Devices that have been damaged by misuse as described herein will void any warranty. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice

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