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night vision



Mini -14 gEn 3 night vision

US manufactured - assembled & serviced in Australia- Multi Use pocket scope from $5,550 Hand held - Weapons & Head mountable


mini - 14 spare parts

Insight/ L3 Genuine spare parts for MUM-mini 14 Night Vision Monocular. Australian stock. Servicing & G3 image intensifier upgrades


mx-10160 pinnacle intensifiers

Gen 3 18mm F9800 Pinnacle Image Intensifier tubes from $3,750 Suits Insight/ L3 Mini -14 night vision monocular & other NV devices

mum 14 multi use night vision monocular

Designed & manufactured in America for the US Military, the Multi-use MUM- mini14 Monocular is a high performance modular, hand-held Gen 3 night vision device. The Mini Monocular "single tube / single eyepiece" approach to night vision missions is based upon the battle proven concept that independent use of each eye maximizes the ability of the user to operate under a wide range of low light conditions while maintaining maximum situational awareness.
In use throughout Australia with Police and various Government Law Enforcement Agencies. Carbon fiber/ composite materials construction makes this one of the toughest & lightest military night vision monoculars on the market. Enhanced optics combined with a select grade, high performance Gen3 image intensifier ensures superior performance. Assembled tested & serviced in Australia & available to approved purchasers for immediate delivery from Australian stock.

MuM-14 Night Vision Sight is purpose designed to provide the operator with the ability to observe targets at night under moonlight and starlight conditions. The integrated IR Illuminator allows operations in total darkness; inside buildings or underground. MuM-14 can be used 'hands free' with the included head harness or attached to a combat helmet. Another strength is its ability to be weapon mounted behind most collimated daylight reflex sights such as the ACOG, Aimpoint and EO Tech systems. This allows the user the ability to use their MUM-14 both as a night vision monocular for increased mobility and tactical night vision weapon sight.

Only available in Select grade Gen 3+ which provides enhanced performance. Typical specifications: Luminous Sensitivity@ 1900 ~ 2500μA/lm; Luminous Gain@ 48,000 ~ 70,000; Signal-to-Noise Ratio@ 25 ~ 28; Resolution@ 64 ~ 68lp/mm.

Operates from a single battery; either CR 123 Lithium (provides 40 hours runtime) or AA alkaline ( provides 20 hours of runtime).

MuM-14 Night Vision Sight Kit includes:- MuM 14 Monocular - Weapon Mount Assembly - Neck Cord - Head mount Adapter Assembly - Eye Cup - Shoulder Strap - Lens Cap - Head mount Assembly - Browpads (thin medium large) - Lens Tissue - AA Battery Sleeve Adapter - AA Alkaline Battery - Military Soft Carry Case

MuM-14 Gen 3 Night Vision Monocular from- $6,550.00

Only available to approved Australian End Users. Intended purchasers are required to download & submit a completed copy of Application to Purchase Night Vision


mum group


night vision specials


gen 3 opticon - weapon sight

MUM 14 platform based weapons mountable night vision sight. This upgraded system includes improved 3x objective lens with 56mm front lens - Integral QD Picatinny mount. Suitable for use with IR infra red (invisible) & green or red laser sights.

Ex Demo Unit $4,800



gen 3 elite - Long Range monocular

Upgraded MUM 14 designed for long range nigh time wildlife & covert observation. Large 75mm objective lens provides 3 times magnification & maximises light gathering. Lightweight powered from a single CR123A 3 volt lithium battery.

Gen 3 Ex Demo Unit $4,500



anpvs-7 goggles with 3x Afocal

Military kit APVS-7 night vision goggles, complete with genuine US military 3X clip on lens & head harness kit. Green military soft carry bag. (not the cheap Russian copy)

Features DEP XD-4 spec image intensifier: 47,300 light gain, 65lpmm resolution, SN ratio 24+

Ex Demo Unit $4,900


night vision upgrades & servicing


Restore performance to your ageing or worn out night vision devices at a fraction of the cost of buying new equipment. Image intensifier upgrade services priced from $3,750 & includes:- supply and installation of a new, select grade Gen 3 image intensifier, electrical calibration, optical cleaning and dry nitrogen purging.

Gen.3 Image Intensifier parameters: Luminous Sensitivity@ 1900 ~ 2500μA/lm; Luminous Gain@ 48,000 ~ 70,000; Signal-to-Noise Ratio@ 25 ~ 28; Resolution@ 64 ~ 68lp/mm: Output Screen P43 Phosphor. Electrical features: automatic brightness control, which provides a constant output image brightness under varying light levels & bright source protection.

We provide inspection repair & general maintenance services for night vision devices.






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