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night vision clearance


gen 3 image intensifiers

MX10160 Select Grade 1520-U. Drop in replacement tube for many military night vision weapons sights, ANPVS-14 / Mini 14 MUM Monoculars & other commercial night vision systems. The 1520-U series image intensifier consists of a high efficiency GaAs photocathode bonded to a glass input window, a micro channel plate (MCP) current amplifier, and a P-43 green phosphor with an inverting fiber optic output window.

Typical specifications: Luminous Sensitivity= 1900 ~ 2500μA/lm; Luminous Gain= 48,000 ~ 70,000; Signal-to-Noise Ratio= 24 ~ 28; Resolution= 64 ~ 68lp/mm; NO EXPORT SALES

3 to clear from $2,575.00


opticon weapons sight

Ex Demo: Gen 3 weapons mountable or hand held night vision sight. This upgraded US MUM 14 system includes improved 3X objective lens with 56mm front lens and incorporates a quick release Picatinny/weaver rail weapon mount. Suitable for use with the following types of Target Designators - IR infra red (invisible) - both green & red laser sights (visible). Opticon does not have an internal reticle. Human target recognition range > 1000m.

Powered from a single CR123A lithium battery providing for a run time of up to 60+ hours .


1 Only 40% off now - $3,575.00


opticon hand held

Gen 3 Hand held night vision monocular. Originally designed & modified for in Australia for local law enforcement agencies & based on the US manufactured MUM 14 system. Large 3X objective lens provides increased magnification improving long range detection & target identification while 56mm lens maximises light gathering capabilities. Includes a separate quick release weapons mount, suits Picatinny rail..

Ideal for long range night observation, nocturnal wildlife studies, security/ surveillance & astronomy. Human target detection range > 1000m.

Powered from a single CR123A lithium battery providing for a run time of up to 60+ hours .


1 Only 40% off now - $3,175.00

Panoramic bi-ocular eyepiece- $175 - ONE LEFT

I have two of these Bi ocular eyepieces originally manufactured for a long Military Night Vision Observation Device. Rear viewing screen is 80mm wide X 20mm high - front lens 40mm diameter, suitable for use with image intensifiers having 18 ~ 25mm diameter output screens. Integral rubber eye shield is included. Overall size: 150mm long X 60mm high X 140~170mm width. These precision optical devices contain elements that are common to both eyes allowing viewing with both eyes through a single exit pupil.

bi ocular.biocular


Night Vision - Telescope Eyepiece housing- $175


swift parrot

HOUSING ONLY as used in our Image Intensified Telescope Module.

Fits in place of your telescopes 2" eyepiece, no tools are required, suitable for both real time DIRECT VIEWING & NIGHT SKY PHOTOGRAPHY.

This robust, hard anodized aluminium housing has an overall length of 82mm, the main body is 57mm inches diameter x 2 inches long and the front shroud is  2 inches diameter x 1¼ inches long. Internal front filter thread is 48mm X .75 pitch. The first focal plane (telescope focus point) is .6 inches from the front, second focal plane (camera focus point) is 1.5 inches from the rear. Battery housing suits a 3 volt CR123 lithium battery capable of providing >60 hours of continuous use.

Sold as a DO IT YOURSELF project suits 18mm Gen 2 or Gen3 inverting & non inverting image intensifiers.


For direct viewing simply slide your preferred 2" eyepiece into the rear of the module adjust for focus & lock in place using the two chrome retaining screws.


Using a hand held compact digital camera or phone camera you can directly photograph the output screen of the image intensifier or alternatively focus through your preferred eyepiece to achieve higher optical magnification.


gen 3 Litton intensified module

Universal Image Intensifier Night Vision Module. Suitable for a wide range of applications including night photography - astronomy - scientific study & more. Incorporates a Generation 3 non inverting image intensifier manufactured by the US Military supplier Litton. Very clear intensifier with, P43 green phosphor, curved glass (not fiber optic bundle) output screen resulting in greater image detail & less distortion.

litton ani


Optical attachments:

Input Screen Photocathode side has a female "C" mount (1 inch x 32 TPI) thread. Can be used with CCTV & traditional SLR camera lenses or adapted to telescope.

Output screen side has a male "C" mount threaded tube. Allows direct viewing with eyepiece or CMOS camera attachment for photographic use.

Mechanical Attachment:

QD mount for tripod attachment


Power cable is 15cm long with 2.5mm DC power plug operates on 3 volts DC.

Image intensified Module - $995.00



gen 3 ANPVS-10 - Used

Used but in good working condition manufactured around 2008, regarded as one of the finest night vision weapons sights of its type. Features lever throw mode selection, 64lp/mm resolution Gen 3, power by 2 XAA batteries, Day / night scope with 8 X optical magnification, lever actuated mode, manual gain control, black reticule DAY illuminated reticule NIGHT. anpvs 10

ANPVS -10 Day/ Night Sight - $8,995.00



night vision specials


gen 3 opticon - weapon sight

MUM 14 platform based weapons mountable night vision sight. This upgraded system includes improved 3x objective lens with 56mm front lens - Integral QD Picatinny mount. Suitable for use with IR infra red (invisible) & green or red laser sights.

Ex Demo Unit $5,800




anpvs-7 goggles with 3x Afocal

Military kit APVS-7 night vision goggles, complete with genuine US military 3X clip on lens & head harness kit. Green military soft carry bag. (not the cheap Russian copy)

Features DEP XD-4 spec image intensifier: 47,300 light gain, 65lpmm resolution, SN ratio 24+

now - $3,900.00



night vision upgrades & servicing


Restore performance to your ageing or worn out night vision devices at a fraction of the cost of buying new equipment. Image intensifier upgrade services priced from $3,750 & includes:- supply and installation of a new, select grade Gen 3 image intensifier, electrical calibration, optical cleaning and gas purging.

Gen.3 Image Intensifier parameters: Luminous Sensitivity@ 1900 ~ 2500μA/lm; Luminous Gain@ 48,000 ~ 70,000; Signal-to-Noise Ratio@ 25 ~ 28; Resolution@ 64 ~ 68lp/mm: Output Screen P43 Phosphor. Electrical features: automatic brightness control, which provides a constant output image brightness under varying light levels & bright source protection.

We provide inspection repair & general maintenance services for night vision devices.








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