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Look inside Nest Boxes - Bat Boxes & Tree Hollows

NO MORE DANGEROUS LADDER WORK - preferred choice of Wildlife Professionals  - Landcare - Local Councils & Educators

nest box inspection camera Designed specifically for Australian wildlife applications & assembled in Melbourne

Features a unique right angle camera lens with massive depth of field ensuring that both close & distant objects remain in focus. See the video below. Equipped with a very powerful Cree 1Wa white light emitting diode, our 90° Nest Box Inspection Cameras have the brightest illuminator on the market. A common problem with cheap & infra red cameras is that they have very poor illumination. Suitable for all Nest Boxes including: top opening, with front or side entry holes & open bottomed Bat Boxes. Also provides a less intrusive method for checking active bird nests, photographing chicks & eggs while minimising the risk of alarming sitting birds. The orange camera housing is 26mm diameter with 125mm forward projection & rotates through 360° allowing its view to be adjusted so that the camera looks: DOWN - RIGHT - UP or LEFT.

Includes a wireless Video Monitor, with 90mm LCD screen, for watching & recording real time live video or photos from the camera at ground level.

Screws onto any telescopic extension pole with standard 3/4" x 5 tpi thread (most painters' poles). Using the Bunnings $35 Rhino Advance extension pole you can reach nest boxes up to 6~7 meters high. We do not supply telescopic poles.

Your 90° Nest Box Inspection Camera system is supplied packed in a a robust ABS Pelican style - weatherproof, lockable case, providing protection during transportation & field use.

Includes following items:

90° Nest Box Inspection Camera with built in illuminator 5 metre cable - Hand control - LCD Video Monitor/ recorder with 90mm LCD screen - charger - µSD card - Carry Case -

90° NEST BOX Inspection Camera - $1,078.00





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user manualPhotos courtesy of Upper Goulburn Landcare Network




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