MX-10160 Select grade Generation III Inverting Image Intensifiers

Gen3 intensifiers

Immediate delivery - Australian stock

Select Grade - High-gain, High-photosensitivity Image Intensifier tubes for astronomy - passive night vision systems - navigation & scientific devices. Suitable drop in replacement intensifiers for military night vision weapons sights, ANPVS-14 / Mini 14 MUM Monoculars & many commercial night vision systems.


18mm glass input window incorporating High-efficiency (GaAs) extended red photo-cathode a micro-channel plate (MCP) current amplifier; and Inverting fiber optic green phosphor 18mm output screen.

Encapsulated high-voltage power supply incorporates (ABC) automatic brightness control to provide a constant output image brightness as light levels varies & (BSP) bright source protection to against exposure to high levels of light. Three volt operation typical current 18~35mA; external gold plated electrical contacts.




gen3 1520

MX-1060 Gen 3+ Intensifier Price AU$ 3,100.00













MuM-14 - NIGHT VISION SIGHT - Gen3 F.O.M.1600+

Multi Use Monocular Manufactured in America for the US Military this multi use monocular is a Battle Proven Mil Spec Design. User Manual Also in use throughout Australia with Police and various Government Law Enforcement Agencies. Carbon fiber/ composite materials construction makes this one of the toughest & lightest military night vision monoculars on the market. Enhanced optics combined with a select grade, high performance Gen3 image intensifier ensures superior performance. Assembled tested & serviced in Australia & available for immediate delivery from Australian stock.

MuM-14 Night Vision Sight is purpose designed to provide the operator with the ability to observe targets at night under moonlight and starlight conditions. The integrated IR Illuminator allows operations in total darkness; inside buildings or underground. MuM-14 can be used 'hands free' with the included head harness or attached to a combat helmet.  Another strength is its ability to be weapon mounted behind most collimated daylight reflex sights such as the ACOG, Aimpoint and EO Tech systems. This allows the user the ability to use their MUM-14 both as a night vision monocular for increased mobility and tactical night vision weapon sight.

Only available in Select grade Gen 3+ which provides enhanced performance, typical specifications:

Luminous Sensitivity@ 1900 ~ 2500μA/lm; Luminous Gain@ 48,000 ~ 70,000; Signal-to-Noise Ratio@ 25 ~ 28; Resolution@ 64 ~ 68lp/mm.

Operates from a single battery, either CR 123 Lithium or AA alkaline which can provide 40+ hours of runtime.

MuM-14 Night Vision Sight Kit includes:- MuM 14 Monocular - Weapon Mount Assembly - Neck Cord - Head mount Adapter Assembly - Eye Cup - Shoulder Strap - Lens Cap - Head mount Assembly - Browpads (thin medium large) - Lens Tissue - AA Battery Sleeve Adapter - AA Alkaline Battery -Military Soft Carry Case - and an individual Compliance & Test Certificate.



Multi use Night Vision Sight Gen 3+ Price AU$ 4,550.00

Only available to Approved Australian End Users includes - Rural Sector Industry & Government Agencies

End User Application for Purchase of Night Vision




SAVE $2,000 - One Only - Ex Demo - As New

Elite Night Vision

Designed to provide Australian field officers with Long Range Night Vision Capability. Built on the proven MuM-14 - Night Vision Monocular platform the Elite 3X features a large 75mm objective lens with greater light gathering capability. Provides three times optical magnification allowing for long range target detection & identification. This ex demo unit has 25 hours of supervised field use and is in as new condition. Original cost $5,950 you save over $2,000.

Includes:- Cushioned rubber eyecup - Lithium battery - Weapon Mount Assembly - Hard carry case -Lens cap -.

Light weight compact design with exceptional optics. Assembled in Australia ELITE USER MANUAL

Elite Night Vision Monocular from $3,950.00




Only available to Approved Australian End Users includes - Rural Sector Industry & Government Agencies

End User Application for Purchase of Night Vision







The Image Intensified Telescope Module fits in place of your telescopes 2" eyepiece, no tools are required. It can be used for real time DIRECT VIEWING by installing your 2" telescope eyepiece into the main body or NIGHT SKY PHOTOGRAPHY.

The Module comprises a military grade 18mm image intensifier with switched lithium power source in a robust, hard anodized aluminium housing. Overall housing length is 82mm, the main body is 57mm inches diameter x 2 inches long and the front shroud is  2 inches diameter x 1¼ inches long. Internal front filter thread is 48mm X .75 pitch. The first focal plane (telescope focus point) is .6 inches from the front, second focal plane (camera focus point) is 1.5 inches from the rear. Power is provided from a CR123 lithium battery capable of providing >60 hours of continuous use; the battery compartment has a positive action press button ON/ OFF switch.

At the heart of the image Intensified Telescope Module is a high performance military grade image intensifier. This electronic device is sensitive across a broad spectrum, from 300 ~900 nanometers, detecting incoming photons and using the photo-electric effect to intensify (amplify) an objects brightness up to 70,000 times making dull distant objects bright and normally invisible objects, visible with the human eye. Image intensifiers provide a much brighter image with more visible detail. Intensified Telescope Module is available in two grades:

XF-5 Grade has resolution of 64~68 lp/mm, Sensitivity 2500 & light amplification 55,000 times

Assembled to special order, this allows the flexibility to include minor modifications to meet your particular requirements. Delivery time is generally 3~4 weeks from date of your order.

Select Grade Gen 3 Price AU$ 4,350.00

Only available to Approved Australian End Users NO EXPORT SALES

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